Consulting Services

Rotational supports organizations in building and modernizing their technical infrastructure for scale, resiliency, and innovation.


Our approach is that “architecture enables innovation” and that the right set of systems, tools, and practices opens the doors to new possibilities. We enable our customers to become thoughtful data-centric organizations by facilitating transition from project-driven focus to a product-oriented approach.


Rotational Labs offers consulting and software development services that moves organizations forward in their digital transformation journey. Whether on-prem, cloud native or hybrid, we have experience building data products, developing analytics tools, augmenting technical teams, and advising on technical issues across cloud, web, and IoT applications. From prototyping to technical architecture to application development, we promote growth and act as a catalyst to move organizations forward on their most important priorities.

Cloud & Distributed Systems
Privacy & Security
APIs & Microservices
Application Development
Requirements Elicitation
Rapid Prototyping
Front-end Development
Back-end Systems
Product Support
Modeling & Simulation
Machine Learning Operations
Data Engineering & Pipelines
Big Data Analytics
Data Visualization