Powering Real-time Apps & Analytics

The global real-time revolution is here.

Ensign is a next-generation distributed event store and stream-processing platform for real-time apps and analytics that requires no additional investment in infrastructure or overhead. Built for speed and simplicity, Ensign offers advanced features for next-generation applications while significantly reducing barriers to building, maintaining, and scaling event-driven applications. With Ensign, you can:

  • Customize your data pipelines
  • Quickly build or integrate events into new or existing applications
  • Provide fast, consistent, and personalized digital experiences across time and space
  • Accelerate time-to-insight in business intelligence and data analytics

Designed as a “low ops / no ops” cloud-agnostic managed service, Ensign is ideal for developers and organizations building event-driven microservices to power rich consumer digital experiences, streaming machine learning models, and real-time business intelligence dashboards.

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Data Engineering Simplified

Illustration of how Ensign works. Text in diagram reads: 1. Connect data sources. 2. Enrich, Combine, Move Data on Ensign. 3. Deliver real-time events and analytics seamlessly.

Spend Your Time Writing Code, Not YAML

Focus on delivering rich experiences and analytics, not building, configuring or maintaining infrastructure. As a developer-friendly managed service, Ensign makes it easy to implement and scale event-driven microservices for your application. Out-of the-box, Ensign gets you:

  • High Performance & Reliability. Realize competitive throughput and reliability to power mission critical apps, without additional infrastructure.
  • Automatic Reconfiguration. Scale apps up or down with minimal devops or admin burden.
  • Persistence by Default. Build real-time machine learning models and “time travel” with your data with no configuration required and minimal impact on throughput.
  • Geographic Event Encoding. Deliver hyper-personalized experiences while complying with privacy regulations out-of-the-box.
  • Total Ordering by Default. Provide accurate, consistent experiences and insights across apps, models, devices, and geographies.

The Developer Experience

Ensign is an advanced event data store designed with application developers, data scientists, and product managers in mind. Ensign combines fast transactional services with decoupled processing and rich, insight-driven online analysis, without the need for additional infrastructure or a PhD. in Kafka. Ensign makes event-driven microservices accessible to everyday developers, data scientists, and product managers.

  • Create an account
  • Connect your data sources via our secure API
  • Set up publishers and consumers
  • Write sets of “rules” for the Ensign Event Broker to route, store, and/or transform data while in motion via our SDK
  • Integrate with your app, model, or dashboard