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Unblock Innovation

Data fuels your organization’s growth, but your development teams are held back by data silos, constant requests for data access, and increasing complexity and diversity. On top of that, you have the pressure to ship while managing costs and security.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have way to break down data silos, connect teams, and have flexibility to innovate without worrying about cost, security, or setting up additional infra?

Ensign is a secure data collaboration tool and event sourcing database that makes it easy for organizations to build real-time apps and analytics no matter where your data lives. No additional overhead. No need to change your tech stack. No long-term contracts.

The Power of Event Streams

Ensign is built for a PostSQL World powered by secure event streams (logs) that provide security and flexibility.

Customize Data Flows for Your Use Cases

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How Ensign Compares

How does Ensign stack up to other, similar tools and products? Also, see our technical comparison.

Total Cost of Ownership
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