The Data Playground

Enjoy this curated playground with a variety of data sources, asynchronous data science use cases, and sample code to help get you started. Generate a time-series dataset for analytics and modeling using Ensign.

  • Producer: FinnHub
    License: Free, Commercial

    Finnhub provides real-time RESTful APIs and WebSocket for stocks, currencies, and crypto.

  • Producer: NOAA
    License: Free

    The National Weather Service (NWS) API allows access to critical forecasts, alerts, observations, and other weather data.

  • Producer: The U.S. Geological Survey
    License: Free

    Connect to earthquake data and start experimenting with geological models and apps.

  • Producer: Steam
    License: Free

    Connect to game review data and start experimenting with game review models and apps.

  • Producer: Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
    License: Free

    Connect to DC Metro public transport data and start experimenting with scheduling models and apps.

  • Producer: OpenSky
    License: Free

    Connect to flight data and start experimenting with aviation models and apps.