Introducing Ensign

Introducing Ensign

Edwin Schmierer | Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 |  News CompanyEventing

Have you always wanted to build an event-driven system, but couldn’t justify spending the cognitive overhead or platform engineering costs? Introducing Ensign – eventing made easy!

Introducing Ensign

This month is an exciting one for Rotational Labs. Last week we released the first version of Ensign, our developer platform for building event-driven applications and machine learning models.

What are we selling? In short, it’s simplicity as a service for event-driven microservices.

Ensign is a fully managed eventing solution inspired by the pioneering eventing technologies of the past. It’s unique not only because it incorporates lessons learned from the last 10 years of microservice development, but also because our number one goal is to make eventing more accessible.

Ensign makes it fast, convenient, and fun for data teams to leverage the publish-subscribe model for event-driven microservices, real-time machine learning, and data pipelines. There’s no need to create clusters, run servers, or edit YAML files. No new infrastructure. No surprise costs.

Who is Ensign For?

Ensign’s no-hassle approach to eventing is perfect for companies trying to unlock their data silos so that they can grow and innovate:

  • Struggling to build MLOps pipelines that bridge the gap between the training and deployment phases?
  • Wishing you could build new prototypes without refactoring legacy database schemas
  • Dreaming of delivering rich, tailored experiences so that your users know how much they mean to you?
  • Aspiring to spin up real-time dashboards and analytics in days rather than months?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, Ensign might be just what you need!

Bringing Empathy to Eventing

You’ve probably heard of event-driven microservices before. In a world where eventing solutions already exist, you might ask why we decided to make something like Ensign?

The answer is simple: empathy.

Event-driven architectures (EDA) are powerful, but they can also feel really inaccessible. If EDA has always felt intimidating, we’re here to reassure that the problem isn’t you — it’s hard to get started when it feels like you’ll need months to figure out a new tool or hire a team to do the work.

As engineers and data scientists with decades of experience, we’ve personally felt the pain of instrumenting eventing solutions. We’ve worked with a huge variety of clients, explored dozens of verticals, and talked to nearly 300 engineers and data scientists who are suffering the friction of getting data unstuck and fueling new services and models.

We want to take away that friction and empower teams to collaborate and innovate. We also want to make it easy for organizations to unlock the value of their data without the need for complicated tools or know-how.

With Ensign, all you and your team need to get started is an API key and a few lines of code. Set up a secure event stream and you’re in business. Build the applications, machine learning models, and dashboard that makes sense for your organization. Even better, Ensign is flexible enough to work with legacy infrastructure. Your event streams can adapt as your organization changes.

An Invitation to Experiment

So, we invite you to experiment. It’s easy to get started. No credit card required.

  1. Create an account and generate your API key
  2. Read the docs
  3. Integrate with your app, model, or dashboard

Need some inspiration? Check out some ideas we came up with.

We can’t wait to hear what you make with your new eventing superpowers!

Photo by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr Commons

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