Ensign for Enterprise AI

Ensign for Enterprise AI

Edwin Schmierer | Saturday, Apr 1, 2023 |  AI Automation

These days nearly every tech exec is thinking about how to bring AI and automation to the enterprise. Use cases vary, but all rely on one thing — a data management layer to connect and coordinate data across the organization.

As a cloud-agnostic, cloud-native realtime data platform that helps companies connect distributed data sources across the enterprise, Ensign helps organizations leverage “small and wide” data by empowering modern data teams to build secure data pipelines quickly and reliably without additional investment in infrastructure or unexpected costs.

With Ensign, data teams can flexibly route data quickly and securely to the right process at the right time and place, which is critical for effective AI adoption. Even better, Ensign is flexible enough to work with legacy infrastructure. Your event streams can adapt as your organization changes.

Here are just a few enterprise examples that are particularly well-suited for Ensign:

  • ESG Reporting: Build reporting capabilities across disparate data sources, from HR and ATS systems to energy usage and governance policies, to track ESG goals.
  • Knowledge Management: Produce and surface documents, policies, and insights on demand in real-time with accuracy to make better, faster decisions.
  • Sales Enablement: Generate predictive insights across CRMs, inventory systems, and other customer data sources to increase average revenue per use or annual contract value.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Optimize supply chain processes by predicting demand, reducing inventory waste, and optimizing delivery routes to save costs.
  • Cybersecurity: Detect and prevent cyber threats by analyzing network traffic and identifying anomalies to protect assets.

Want some more ideas? Check out our top streaming use cases for enterprise automation here!

Want early access to Ensign? Check out our free beta.

Want to brainstorm your use case with our engineers? Just reach out at support@rotational.io.

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