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Rebecca Bilbro

Founder and CTO, Rotational Labs, LLC.

Creator of Yellowbrick, applied NLP developer, Python & Go programmer, data science educator, O’Reilly author, bad ukulelist.

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What Are Protocol Buffers?

Protocol buffers are a method for serializing data to efficiently send between programs. The structure is reminiscent of XML or JSON, but unlike these more commonly used text-based serialization methods, protocol buffers are designed to produce extremely compact messages using a binary format.

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Can't Read, Won't Buy

To say we are not at our most empowered when trying to communicate in an unfamiliar language is a bit of an understatement.

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A Parrot Trainer Eats Crow

In this post, we’ll consider how it is that models trained on massive datasets using millions of parameters can be both “low bias” and also very biased, and begin to think through what we in the ML community might be able to do about it.

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