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Benjamin Bengfort

Founder and CEO, Rotational Labs, LLC.

Creator of Yellowbrick, machine learning practitioner, distributed systems developer, data science educator, O’Reilly author, Guyanese-American, BBQ enthusiast

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Marshaling Go Enums to and from JSON

Customizing JSON serialization for your data types seems relatively straightforward on the surface, but it’s easy to get turned around in receiver, value, pointer, and indirection confusion. Many of the patterns and rules-of-thumb you use in your normal Go code can lead you astray. In this post, we’ll illustrate exactly how and why to handle these edge cases.

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Contexts in Go Microservice Chains

Contexts are a critical part of services implemented in Golang. Although we see them often in server interfaces, they can be mysterious to developers implementing request handlers.

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A Distributed Systems Maze

The most exciting applications coming out these days are the ones that aim big — aspiring to reach a global audience of users across regions, languages, timezones, and data centers.

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Project Planning With Block Based Dependencies

Good software development achieves complexity by describing the interactions of simple components. Of course, this is harder than it sounds, and if Mark Twain had been a software developer he would have likely said: “if I had more time, I would have created a simpler design.

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Hello World

Right now only half the world is awake. For successful planetary-scale networking, it’s time for diurnal intelligently distributed systems.

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