About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower modern data teams to build next-generation apps, APIs, and models quickly, reliably, and securely. We help developers and organizations unlock value and growth by getting the right data to the right process at the right time and place. As specialists who occupy the unique intersection of cloud native computing, event-driven data systems, and machine learning, we aim to create shared tools across technical teams that encourage collaboration, empathy, and curiosity.

Our Values

  • Respect - We take the time to listen and care with humility, valuing all contributions.

  • Curiosity - We ask questions, experiment, and explore, with an empathetic mindset.

  • Growth - We can and always strive to continuously learn and improve and make an impact.

  • Excellence - We take pride in our style, our craftsmanship and aim to exceed expectations.

  • Collaboration - Together we are resilient and can solve problems for a sustainable future.

Our Team

Technologies We Use

  • Golang


  • Python


  • Kubernetes


  • Docker


  • Github


  • Prometheus


  • PostgreSQL


  • TensorFlow


  • gRPC


  • LevelDB


  • Cassandra


  • Typescript


  • Reactjs


Rotational Careers

We value diversity of experience, empathy, and impact. We hire for “add”, not “fit”.

  • Vice President of Sales

    Ready to take the helm of a product sales team? We see you! Help us identify leads and introduce them to all we have to offer, convert users into customers, and build lasting and meaningful relationships (full time, fully remote).

  • Marketing Specialist

    Our brand is very important to us, and we're looking for someone who is excited to help us develop and communicate it, and create a community that fosters curiosity, collaboration, and respect (full or part time, fully remote).

  • Business Development Associate

    Help our COO develop and implement a coordinated business development strategy, perform market research, and engage potential customers (full or part time, fully remote).