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The digital landscape has grown increasingly complex. From new technologies to changing user expectations to data privacy regulations, companies and creators require new and flexible approaches to build, grow, engage and protect their users and communities.

We provide trusted expertise to application developers seeking to build their data and systems engineering practices. We specialize in building fast, flexible, resilient and legally-compliant data architectures and cloud-to-edge computing systems for the modern digital landscape.

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Predicting Star Ratings: Sentiment Analysis Built on MongoDB

If you want to build a robust machine learning model, the most important ingredient is data – but keep in mind that tuning your model will rely on devising a systematic way to store and query that data! In this post, we explore a project to understand a large dataset of Amazon reviews and predict start ratings using open source sentiment analyzers and the MongoDB ecosystem.

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Introducing Whisper

Imagine you have a new engineer joining your team and you need to provide passwords for access to critical systems. Or you need to send a sensitive file to a client. Or you need to share encryption keys with a team member. What do you do?

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We take innovative approaches to managing the increasing complexity of the cloud.

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