We specialize in simplified and secure event-driven architectures for application development and data engineering.

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Empowering Teams to Build What They Can Imagine

We help engineers and companies leverage event-driven microservices to deliver rich, personalized user experiences, real-time business insights, and streamlined machine learning operations.

We make it easy to put data in motion securely and efficiently so our customers can unlock the value of their data and grow. With event streams, we build bridges to support collaboration and innovation between teams, data, services, and applications.

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Golang, Programming, Testing, gRPC

Mocking the Universe: Two Techniques for Testing gRPC with Mocks

At Rotational, we use gRPC quite a bit. It’s great for specifying network APIs, but can challenge us to find new ways to thoroughly test the code. Follow along with this post to learn two ways of using mocking to test gRPC services!

Daniel Sollis
Mar 28, 2023

Eventing, Flexstreams

Mastering the Art of Data Freshness

Two decades ago Clive Humby proclaimed “data is the new oil”, marking an economic shift towards data products. But, if the intervening years have taught us anything, it’s to think of data more like fresh fruit.

Edwin Schmierer
Mar 24, 2023

News, Company, Eventing

Introducing Ensign

Have you always wanted to build an event-driven system, but couldn’t justify spending the cognitive overhead or platform engineering costs? Introducing Ensign – eventing made easy!

Edwin Schmierer
Mar 21, 2023

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