Real-time data collaboration,
no matter where your data lives.

Disconnected Data Sources? Meet Real-time Insights

Ensign is a cloud native, cloud agnostic, real-time data streaming platform that seamlessly integrates your disconnected data.

  • Faster analytics that don’t wait for data to accumulate
  • Build rapid prototypes in days rather than months
  • No cluster management or YAML editing required
  • Leverage the skills and infrastructure you already have

Get started in minutes with an API key and developer-friendly SDKs. Made to fit any tech stack.

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  • Ciphertrace
  • Tactile
  • Trisa
  • Qredo
  • 202 Group
  • University of Chicago

Ensign for Data Teams

Sea Otter Engineers

Open-source tools to rapidly prototype new data pipelines, integrate realtime analytics, and get your data science predicting beyond the batch.

Ensign for Enterprise


Cooperation-as-a-service. Break down data silos and build low-maintenance topologies tailored to your business. Cloud, on prem, edge or hybrid.

Get Started

Getting Started Steps

Curious? Check out the GitHub Repo.

On the Cloud

  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Linode - Akamai Connected Cloud Partner

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