Database meets streaming for data scientists.

Build real-time data products without breaking Prod or learning DevOps. Ensign is a database-meets-event-streaming platform for data science teams that want to get their data moving and their models into production.

Go beyond exploratory analysis to build a data science project architecture on Ensign streams

From 0 to deployment in 3 months

Transform your models into APIs with Ensign’s asynchronous inference engine

From trained model to deployment in 2 weeks

Take control of your own data ingestion with Ensign’s data storage and sharing features

Get the data you need to get started today

Disconnected Data Sources? Meet Real-time Insights

Ensign is a cloud native, cloud agnostic, real-time data streaming platform that seamlessly integrates your disconnected data.

  • Faster analytics that don’t wait for data to accumulate
  • Build rapid prototypes in days rather than months
  • No cluster management or YAML editing required
  • Leverage the skills and infrastructure you already have

Get started in minutes with an API key and developer-friendly SDKs. Made to fit any tech stack.

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  • Ciphertrace
  • Tactile
  • Trisa
  • Qredo
  • 202 Group
  • University of Chicago

Data Science 2.0

Sea Otter Engineers

Open-source tools to rapidly prototype new data pipelines, integrate realtime analytics, and get your data science predicting beyond the batch.

Ensign for Enterprise

Sea Otter Product Managers

Cooperation-as-a-service. Break down data silos and build low-maintenance topologies tailored to your business. Cloud, on prem, edge or hybrid.

Get Started

Getting Started Steps

Curious? Check out the GitHub Repo.

On the Cloud

  • Google Cloud Partner
  • Linode - Akamai Connected Cloud Partner

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PubSub 101 - Creating Data Flows With Topics

If you struggle to build analytics and models that keep up with changing data, it might be because you haven’t yet learned to think about data in terms of topics. In this module, learn how by solving a real-world, real-time problem!

Nov 22, 2023

Building Real-Time Apps in Python with Ensign and Streamlit

Python may be the 2nd best language for everything, but it’s a favorite of data scientists worldwide, and delivers a world of functionality. Did you know you can even build customer-facing AI/ML apps with Python now? Learn how…

Nov 20, 2023

PubSub 101 - Using the PyEnsign SDK

The Python SDK is the most popular way to use Ensign. In this module you will write some Python code to publish data to your project.

Nov 17, 2023